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Freedom To Be YOu


Who Are We

Ready to break away from
self-doubt and fear so you can discover your true purpose?

Ignite your inner confidence, get clear on your direction in life and break away from what is keeping you stuck, using effective tools and practices. 

Imagine if... woke up every morning knowing your greater purpose in life. had the confidence to consistently go after what you wanted. never settled for less than what you deserved. found it easy to set healthy boundaries with those around you (without feeling shame or guilt). had access to tools and practices that allowed you to break through patterns that were keeping you stuck. 

The Freedom To Be YOU program is your blueprint to achieve all of this, and more.


Book a call to find out if the FTBY program is right for you.

Here's what is included in the
6-month program...

  • Twelve 1-on-1 online coaching sessions

  • Practical tools, tips and homework assignments to apply between sessions

  • Access to a private Facebook group for support & sisterhood

  • Email support during the entire program

  • As a BONUS you will have messenger access to your coach (office hours)

Outline of the program

Month 1 - Creating Clarity

We create complete clarity around who you really are and what's important to you in life. We also create personalized goals that are alligned with your purpose, values and mission. 


Month 2 - Diving Deep

During the second month of the program we learn how to heal wounds from the past using meditation & breathing techniques. I personally guide you during the sessions and teach you to use these techniques yourself. 


Month 3 - Busting Through Patterns

We identify the patterns that are keeping you stuck and begin using tools and techniques that allow you to understand why they are there and how to bust through them. 


Month 4 - Becoming Trigger Proof

You learn why we get emotionally triggered (especially in relationships) & how to deal with these emotional triggers the moment it happens. Using this effective strategy you become more and more trigger proof over time. 


Month 5 - Building Confidence

You learn to build confidence from within, set healthy boundaries without guilt or shame and create routines that set you up for success. 


Month 6 - Putting the Pieces Together

In the final month we put all the pieces together. You walk away with a toolkit to empower you to live your purpose. We also set goals to  keep you on track to achieving your mission in life. 

By the end of the program you will...

  • Have clarity around your values, purpose and mission in life.

  • Have the confidence to continue to take steps in the right direction

  • Be consistently using effective strategies and techniques as a part of your daily routine

  • Have a toolkit you can use at any moment to re-align yourself with you true purpose and mission in life. 

  • Feel empowered to express yourself freely 

If you're ready to achieve all this, and more... 

Book a call to find out if the Freedom To Be You program is right for you!

Meet your coach...


About morrin

Morrin is a mindset coach who specializes in human behaviour. She is dedicated to guiding you on your journey to fulfill your purpose & mission by providing you proven & effective tools. 

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